Each user highlights the individual benefits of the chat-roulette. Someone wants to have fun, others want to find like-minded people. Despite this, we can highlight the general advantages which all users will agree.

The principle of anonymity

The site has a significant difference from Skype or any other social networks. We are used to providing people with maximum information about themselves. We announce addresses, contacts, hobbies, place of work and show photos.

You do not have to provide any information about yourself in Chatroulette. Everything is completely anonymous on the site. You can announce other names, try on any roles. This opportunity attracts a lot of users. Here you may not be afraid of being recognized, because you yourself choose the country.

You can change your interlocutor to another at any time. You will never see this person in your life, so you should not worry about any negative reaction.

The element of surprise

You never know who will appear on the monitor in the next second. This feature allows you to experience a certain drive and even extreme.

This is a very interesting experience, which helps you to improve communication skills and get acquainted with the culture of other countries. What is more, you will surely become more open person. Obviously, even professional psychologists will agree with this fact.

Peer-to-peer technology and RTMFP protocol

They are used to get an access to webcams and display video. Peer-to-peer technology and RTMFP protocol allow all information to be only on users’ computers. Moreover, they ensure a high level of security and integrity of personal data.

The ease of use of the site

Chatroulette is a simple site. From a technical point of view, you must ensure that the microphone and the webcam work properly. Making sure of the performance of these functions, you can start using the video chat.

Chatroulette requires mandatory registration. It is not difficult to create an account. Account registration is free. After creating an account, you will have to check the webcam. This is a standard requirement which helps you to set up the equipment.

The Chatroulette interface is clear even to everyone. People are glad to communicate with various interlocutors. If you have an adequate attitude to this service, you will get only positive emotions.

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