It is easy to start a conversation on the Internet, but how to keep the attention of the interlocutor you like? To continue the conversation in the future, follow the win-win strategy of the five simple rules.

1) Pay attention to your profile.

Most guys do not pay enough attention to their virtual profiles in vain. After all, a profile is one of the ways to attract attention. The first thing that representatives of the opposite sex pay attention to is a photo. It is worth picking up the most successful photo, and it definitely should not be a photo from a party or a friend’s wedding where you are drunk. Moreover, the photo should be yours. Girls do not like guys hiding behind the pictures of celebrities. In this case, the lady will think that the profile owner looks very bad in reality. Of course, you are not superman, but an honest photo will increase the chances of winning.

Fill in all the information in your profile and show yourself as an interesting person. Tell about your hobbies, favorite books, movies, music. Information works for you. The fuller and more varied it is, the greater is the chance to interest your interlocutor.

2) Examine the girl’s profile.

Filling simple questionnaire on the online dating sites, a person creates a certain image. You need to understand what type of girl is in front of you to start a conversation (party lover, modest pupil, activist, sport lover, etc.).

3) A communication plan.

It is better to start a virtual conversation with the general topics. For example, you can discuss a book that the interlocutor has indicated as a favorite, musical direction, or a particular country, if she loves traveling according to the questionnaire. Then you can change the theme, choosing questions that will help you to get to know the girl better and to get closer to her. You should avoid talking about religion, the material possibilities, the diseases and other ‘critical’ moments. Your task is to inspire confidence, because the interlocutor does not know you yet.

4) Emotions in the correspondence.

It is difficult to convey emotions virtually, but you still have to try to do it in the way that the interlocutor could understand you. To do this, use the emoticons (fortunately, there are so many of them) and punctuation marks.

5) An ability to start and to carry the conversation.

The ability to listen can be demonstrated in the virtual world too. The girl will talk about herself, and your task is to listen and to show an interest in what she is saying. Take into account that ladies appreciate a good sense of humor. To make the interlocutor talking, resort to the tactics of ‘open questions’. Any ordinary question can be constructed in such a way that it will be desirable to answer fully. For example, ask directly ‘Why did you choose the profession of translator?’.

Do not forget about a positive attitude, talking to a girl. It is much easier to communicate with an optimistic person. Remember that this communication may grow into something more in the future than just a conversation.

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